Dr. Jean-Claude Thill


Jean-Claude Thill is a broadly trained geographer, with particular interests in the social and economic aspects of sustainability of built environments. His current research pertains to infrastructure (esp. transportation and mobility systems), on the one hand, and urban development, on the other hand, and their interplay in shaping sustainable urban futures. Part of his research looks at innovation as a driver of modern urban development; this includes novel urban forms, new transportation, communication and information technologies, and new forms of social organization. The study of dimensions, factors, and dynamics of urban quality of life is an important theme of his work. His research uses the city or the region as a frame of reference and is a synthesis of experiences with cities on different continents.

Research Interests

  • Urban development and mobile systems
  • Urban quality of life
  • Urban and regional planning and infrastructure
  • Urban and regional economics
  • Geospatial information systems and science

Contact Information

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Department of Geography & Earth Sciences
McEniry 432
Email: jfthill@uncc.edu
Telephone: 704-687-5909